St Andrews
St Andrews

The 11th International Conference on Finite-State Methods and Natural Language Processing

Held at the Gateway, St Andrews, Scotland (UK), July 15-17, 2013.


By air

The closest airports to St Andrews are:

Additionally, some airlines fly to:

The best option for you is most likely to be Edinburgh airport, which offers plenty of connections both nationally and internationally. You can go from Edinburgh airport to St Andrews in about 2 hours, by bus and by train.

By train

The closest train station to St Andrews is Leuchars railway station. From there, it is about 10 minutes by bus or by taxi to St Andrews.

To go from Edinburgh airport to Leuchars railway station, the two main options both take about 1.5 hours:

  • Either take the Airlink bus (also known as service 100) to Haymarket railway station (in Edinburgh) and from there take the train to Leuchars station, or
  • take the 747 bus to Inverkeithing railway station and from there take the train to Leuchars station.

The best choice may depend on the time when you leave Edinburgh airport. There can be 30 minutes between two departures of the 747 bus, whereas Airlink buses usually depart every 10 minutes. This means that the trip with the Airlink bus can take less time although the distance travelled with the 747 bus is considerably smaller because it doesn't pass through Edinburgh.

Bus stands are directly outside the airport. Return tickets for trains and buses are usually valid for 4 weeks.

If you are travelling from London, you would likely depart from London King's Cross. Some connections are direct trains to Leuchars railway station, taking about five and a half hours.

By bus

From Leuchars railway station, you can take any of the buses 99, 99A, 99B, 99C, 99D and 94 to St Andrews bus station, all taking about 10 minutes. They run about every 10 to 20 minutes. Be aware that buses from Leuchars station go in two directions, viz. to Dundee and to St Andrews; make sure to get on the right bus.

There is an alternative way to go from Edinburgh airport to St Andrews bus station with only buses. This can be the cheapest option, although it is not usually the fastest route:

  • Take the 747 bus from Edinburgh airport to Ferrytoll and from there take the X59 bus to St Andrews bus station.

By taxi

There is a high density of taxis in town, and it is likely that at least one will be waiting when you arrive at Leuchars train station or at St Andrews bus station.

Travel by taxi from Edinburgh airport directly to St Andrews is generally not recommended as it could be quite costly. However, if you are travelling to or from the airport at night, when public transport is scarce, you could consider companies such as:

By car

If you are driving, you are referred to the University pages on travel by car. There is also car hire at Edinburgh airport.

You can get a parking permit upon arrival at the residence (Agnes Blackadder Hall). For parking immediately at the conference venue (Gateway) no parking permit is needed, but parking immediately next to certain faculty buildings does require a permit; please check the signs.

Within town

From St Andrews bus station, it is about 15 minutes on foot to reach the accommodation (Agnes Blackadder Hall). Alternatively you can take a taxi, from St Andrews bus station or from Leuchars train station. See also the directions how to go to the conference venue and Agnes Blackadder Hall.

Planning your journey

Using Traveline Scotland:

  • Click Plan your Journey
  • From: Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh
  • To: Leuchars Rail Station
  • Select the time
  • Click Search...
  • Confirm the locations
  • Click Journey Details for selected journeys

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